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Build Passive Wealth
With A Secure & Reliable Income Stream


Investing in Multifamily Real Estate

A safe and profitable way to investing in multifamily real estate.
Bar Down Investments identify multifamily investments in the US and offer them to our investors. 

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Who Are We?

Founded by former professional and Division 1 athletes, We know what it takes to be successful with investments.

In sports, a shot that hits the crossbar and goes down into the goal is almost impossible to stop,

and it takes thousands of hours of practice and hundreds of shots to achieve.


This is known as a "Bar Down".


At Bar Down Investments, we have put in those hours and taken those shots to make sure that when we offer an investment, it is as close to unstoppable as possible.


Leverage our time and experience so that together, 

we can make your next investment go Bar Down.

What Sets Us Apart When It Comes To Investing In Multifamily Real Estate?


It is our goal that every property we purchase becomes the beacon of the community. We are able to achieve this by partnering with local companies, charities and organizations to create win-win situations. We believe when the community wins, we win!


Along with the monthly and quarterly updates, we provide access to all of the property's financials and reports to our Investors. We also list direct contact numbers to the partners, so if you should have any questions, at any time, we are just a phone call away. Our goal is to provide a high level of transparency to build trust and create a foundation for a long lasting partnership.


We believe the property's operations are the most important aspect of apartment ownership. While most operators think of their Property Management team as a service provider, we think of them as a partner.

What Do Others Say?

"Ashley Wilson is about as unique of an investor as you can find.  Her generational experience in construction and renovation of spaces combined with a deep financial knowledge and background creates a perfect mix of know-how.  She knows the equation and costing to turn units, manage vendors, motivate property managers, and keep deals on budget.  Along with that her ability to motivate her team into action and her followthrough to see projects to their completion is unprecedented."

Matt Faircloth

Co-Founder of The DeRosa Group and Author of BiggerPockets Amazon Best Seller "Raising Private Capital"

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Phone (J Scott):  770-906-6358

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